Breeze Bar presents Oriental Tapas Menu

September 2012| 335 views

New Tapas delicacies at Breeze Bar

Breeze Bar at Cinnamon Grand introduced a whole new look and a cosmopolitan Tapas menu. The Breeze Bar retains its casual and chilled out charm, but the latest refurbishment has replaced the comfortable rattan seating with sleek yet casual upholstery with a muted and elegant colour palette.

The Breeze Bar’s new Tapas menu is the creation of Chef de Cuisine at Cinnamon Grand, Manjula Wickrema, who says some items on the menu, like the Chili Tandoori Chicken in masala beignets were spur of the moment creations.

“In the kitchen one day, I came across some ulundu vadai mixture and there was some tandoori chicken around. It made me think – chicken vadai would be very unique. So I chopped up some onion and chillies and made the mixture which is deep-fried and served with three different coconut chutneys,” says Chef Manjula. The ‘chicken vadai’ is spicy and tender and served on skewers with the three differently flavoured chutneys.

The other mouth-watering items on the brand new Tapas menu include salt and pepper calamari twister with zest aioli, cashew crusted prawn tempura with ginger sambol, seared beef and coriander risotto, chicken liver katzu, saffron sushi rice and Japanese kare and crispy blue, brie and paneer samosa with tamarind chutney.

The Breeze Bar’s cocktail and drinks menu including the Red Crusta complement the new Tapas menu with old favourites mixing with novelties to give guests whatever they happen to be in the mood for.