Cinnamon Grand presents a seafood experience with the Lagoon

September 2012| 345 views

The Lagoon

The Lagoon restaurant at Cinnamon Grand, offers a seafood experience. A setting with sand blasted walls and in the middle of the restaurant, a setup, which is packed with freshly caught uncut fish, mud crabs, lobsters and prawns all on ice, adds to the lure, just as much as, the noisy open kitchen behind making one feel as though one is in the hub of a coastal fish market, when ordering the ‘catch of the day.’

The very new wave of seating arrangements, include a lush blend of white cushions and solid wood and the occasional wine cabinet display in the shape of a wave, all adds to the ambience as guests enjoy great food and fine imported wines.

On a large rivulet of the indoor market, adjoining the exhibition kitchenette full with ice, is a bed of fish that is constantly replenished with the popular giant red lobsters, sea and lagoon crabs and calamari (squid).

Lagoon chef Rasika Weeraratne is just waiting for guests to pick something from, the wide selection and have it weighed as if you are at a fish auction. Chef Rasika is happy to explain the difference between a lagoon prawn, which is always sweeter, and a sea king prawn, which is plumper and much more filling.

Guests can pick not only the cooking methods, but also get to pick your favorite sauces for your seafood experience (they have actually 160 ways of eating seafood) and garnished to your heart’s every whim and fancy.

There is a wine cellar of Pinot Blanc’s and Bordeaux white wines chilled to go with starters/appetizers like clam chowder and fresh smoke salmon on a bed of lettuce.

The Lagoon restaurant is open from 12noon till 2.30pm.