Cinnamon Grand strives for Energy Efficiency

October 2012| 109 views

Cinnamon Grand employees listening intently to tips on Energy Efficiency

Cinnamon Grand employees listening intently to tips on Energy Efficiency

In yet another initiative towards a greener tomorrow, the Cinnamon Grand sustainability division held an Energy Savings Seminar for the hotel’s employees from departments which deal with heavy electricity usage.

The Green forum, aimed at spreading environmental wisdom for a greener future, focused on electricity preservation, at home and work. Hence, the interactive seminar was one which educated employees on the importance of energy conservation and how it impacts them on a personal and domestic level.

Guest speaker Kamal Elleperuma, the Chief Engineering Officer of the Ceylon Electricity Board spoke of energy, the environment and development, stating that it is our responsibility to be aware and conscious of energy consumption.

Kamal Elleperuma explained, detailed energy functions, including elaborations on electrical units in bills and usage categories, while dispensing practical advice on saving energy.

He emphasised the importance of using energy efficient equipment and infrastructure, such as LED lighting. This furnished Cinnamon Grand employees with awareness, knowledge and useful tips.

He confirmed that he personally examined Cinnamon Grand procedures during the inspection for the National Energy Savings award and was impressed by the hotel’s dedication towards going green.