Community trade lemongrass from Spa Ceylon

October 2012| 751 views



Spa Ceylon Ayurveda has expanded their community trade projects to include cultivation of Lemongrass in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka.

Spa Ceylon is actively involved in supporting rural communities in Sri Lanka through several community trade projects including the ‘Fresh Aloe Programme’ now in operation in the arid Kalpitiya zone on the Island’s north western coast. Set up in collaboration with the Marine and Coastal Resources Conservation Foundation, this large scale organic cultivation of Aloe Vera in the country. The project enables the harvesting of sustainably grown fresh Aloe Vera, an important ingredient in the manufacture of Spa Ceylon’s Ayurveda formulations.

This year the programme expanded to initiate the cultivation of Lemongrass, directly purchasing their harvest at guaranteed prices, ensuring that the complete benefit of the programme goes directly to the community. Spa Ceylon is also helping to open new markets for these Organic Lemongrass and Organic Aloe Vera harvests by connecting the growers with other ethical local producers of organic essential oils and organic teas.

Spa Ceylon invites environmentally and socially conscientious persons to support these community trade programmes by purchasing their Lemongrass Enriched products. Spa Ceylon Ayurveda gives away free Lemongrass plants (packed in bio-degradable coir peat pots) with Spa Ceylon purchases of a specified value–including at least one product containing Lemongrass.