Daffodil Pantries offer kitchen solutions

October 2012| 761 views

Daffodil kitchen ideas

Daffodil kitchen ideas

Daffodil Pantries provide kitchen ideas with their latest ranges, Daffodil Glossy, Daffodil Luxury and Daffodil Mid kitchen solutions.

Daffodil Glossy is a range of pantries or kitchens purely done in solid 100 percent treated Teak or Mahogany wood. These kitchens have a high gloss finish and could be customised according to any colour from white to yellows, natural timber colours. While all the doors come with soft closing option for this range, Daffodil promote touch systems which could be introduced if the owner desires so. A range of different accessories is available to choose from HEFELE to fit in this range.

Daffodil Luxury range comes in 100 percent treated Teak or Mahogany wood with a high quality wooden finish in a vivid range of wooden colours. In this range too, customers can choose from a range of accessories and functionality options provided by HEFELE.

Daffodil Mid, introduced for the standard kitchen or pantry solutions gives the owner the choice of having a solid timber outlook mixed with MDF, Plywood or several such options. This range too comes with the option of chosing accessories and finishings according to customer’s desire or liking.