UK Urban Kitchen: Make Your Taste Buds Tingle

October 2012| 397 views

Once through those doors, one can get lost amongst the myriad of taste bud tingling dishes available

Fine aromas seeping through the doors lure you in, holding you a willing prisoner within the delightful aromas wafting in from the bustling kitchens of the Urban Kitchen. What greets you as you walk in through those large glass doors are smiling faces gently ushering you to a seat, ready to be of help whichever way that they possibly can. Walking in through Urban Kitchen (UK) is truly a salivating experience which is sure to be appeased later on at the skilled hands of its expert chefs.


Words Jayani C Senanayake  Photographs Indika De Silva


The Urban Kitchen doors are open to everyone, whether it be executives dropping in for a quick lunch or a family out for some bonding time, Urban Kitchen makes sure that the food served is of the highest quality and always steaming hot, fresh from the kitchen. The variety of food available at this place is truly astonishing. From traditional Sri Lankan cuisine, authentic Italian wood fired pizza to the dainty little Sushi Bar flaunting Japanese artistry tucked away in a cosy corner, Urban cuisine is literally a melting pot of food diversity that can make the taste buds of even the most choosiest of all persons leap with pure food ecstasy.


From nibbles to full blown meals, and from leisurely dinners to ten minute lunch dashes, Urban Kitchen makes sure that it has a package that responds to the varying needs of the diverse clientele that it so skillfully handles. It recognises the everyday needs of the family and as a result, Urban Kitchen hopes to introduce a new family combination meals to its customers. The restaurant is perfectly child-safe and has a separate area for families where the parents can keep a watchful eye on their children as they play about in the colourful playroom designed specially for the tiny tots. The room is also constantly monitored by a caretaker.


Urban Kitchen believes that its kitchens, the place where all the magic is created should not be hidden behind closed doors. As a result, one can always see clouds of steam rising up in succulent goodness from its open kitchen as its in-house chefs concoct various delicacies to satisfy those hunger pangs of its devoted clientele. Urban Kitchen takes great pride in its excellent hygienic conditions and this open kitchen concept enables the customer to view the insides of the kitchen quarters from every angle.


Only the best vegetables have the exclusive permission to enter through the doors of the Urban Kitchen while only the highly recommended meat suppliers are consulted when it comes to obtaining the poultry and other meat necessary for the chefs to create their magic. Urban Kitchen also cares about the health of its clientele as it preps itself to add a new healthy range to its already flourishing menu. However, this menu in itself is quite flexible as one can always mix and match various components of a meal according to one’s tastes and requirements. Urban Kitchen does not believe in readymade sauces or other taste enhancers as they are quite bent on making every little sauce, every minute condiment from scratch within the open kitchens of the Urban Kitchen. Thus, one can say that Urban Kitchen is indeed a haven for the health-conscious as well as for the fussy eater.


Urban Kitchen’s revamping campaign shows much promise indeed. The aim is to bring the place alive and to give it a relaxing ambience where one can lounge around at leisure. Modifications are underway to adjust the physical structure of the place in such a manner that it will allow the customers to truly absorb the dining experience. A new private bar area exclusively for adults is also under construction which will allow customers to leisurely sip a drink while revelling in the soothing ambience that it shall have on offer.


At Urban Kitchen, the fine amalgamation of the staff and the customers is evident in every aspect of its operations. The staff undergoes a special training programme that ensures that the best service is provided to the customers. Each and every customer who walks in through the Urban Kitchen doors is looked after and their cravings fulfilled, with painstaking attention paid to the most minute of details. “I don’t want this place to be acceptable, I want it to be exceptional,” said Sharon Phelan, General Manager, Urban Kitchen on commenting upon the restaurant.


Urban Kitchen, 69, Hyde Park Corner, Colombo 2
Tel: (+94 11) 721 9169