Celebrating 50 years with awards at the Facets International Gem and Jewellery Exhibition

November 2012| 382 views

A display at the exhibition

This year, Vogue Jewellers marks its 50th year of serving the people of Sri Lanka with fine handcrafted jewellery.

At the Facets International Gem and Jewellery Exhibition held at BMICH Colombo, Vogue Jewellers announced their achievements with pride.

Nadun Amarajeewa, a jewellery designer with Vogue Jewellers, was named the overall winner in the Coloured Stone Pendant category. His design was inspired by the national flower of Sri Lanka; the Blue Water Lily.

Nandana Munasinghe, the Manager of the design department and the technical advisor for jewellery designing and manufacturing at Vogue Jewellers won the prize in the Diamond Necklace Category for a diamond studded piece inspired by dolphins.

The winner of the Coloured Stone Necklace Category was designer, Dhanushi Mekhala Aluthwala, with a creation using two elements of cultural symbolism, the ‘Sandakada Pahana’ and the ‘Sesatha’.

Wasantha Kamburugamuwa, Designer, won the award in the Diamond Ear Stud Category with a pair of Yellow Gold earrings inspired by ‘Beeralu Lace’.

Designer, Supun Rathnapala, was the runner up for best Coloured Stone Necklace, with a design inspired by the traditional Kandyan dancer.