Enlightening minds through the Shraddha Channel on SLT PEO TV

November 2012| 760 views

Sudath Annasiwatta, Director – Shraddha TV Channel, Greg Young, CEO – SLT, Roshini Rajapaksa, Chairperson – Shraddha TV Channel, Malraj Balapitiya, CEO – SLT Vision Com

To add a new dimension to religious television programming, SLT PEO TV joined hands with Shraddha TV in a move to offer its viewers the opportunity of learning the teaching and philosophy of Lord Buddha. Having started on September 29, 2012, viewers can now enjoy this religious programme from 5am to 11pm daily.

Greg Young, CEO, SLT said, “We are proud to join hands with Shraddha TV, which aims to spread the wise teachings and humanity of Buddhism across the nation. The aim of PEO TV is to give the viewer a personalised TV viewing experience and our decision to launch a Buddhist Channel was a result of an increase in requests for religious programming.”

Ven Aludeniye Subhodhi Thero commented, “the teachings of Lord Buddha have become so relevant in today’s world, more than ever before. The in depth philosophy of the Buddha transcends all human barriers like race, cast and position.” In her address, Roshini Rajapaksa, Chairperson, Shraddha TV Channel said, “having the opportunity to spread this message to a new generation of human beings will make a true difference. I also express my appreciation to SLT PEO TV, the only IPTV provider, for extending its support to broadcast Shraddha TV with the latest technological features including Time-shift TV and Rewind TV.”