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The various shades of the Fancy Sapphires

The various shades of the Fancy Sapphires

Hundreds of tiny precious eyes glint at you from their cotton wool beds at the shop entrance and you cannot help but stare mesmerised at those rare, exquisite treasures mined from the bosom of mother earth herself.

Words Jayani C Senanayake  Photographs Rumesh Perera and Damith Wickramasinghe

Sunlight reflects off these translucent beauties and winks invitingly at passers by to take a stroll inside amidst a grand collection of precious stones laid out for display inside glass cases.

If you are in search of that perfect rock to adorn yourself or a beloved other, Eternity by Kamil Jewellers
is definitely the place to go. As the President of the Gemmologists Association of Sri Lanka, none can speak the language of the rocks more fluently than Ruzwan Kamil, its Managing Director.

For the Kamil Group, gemstones had always been in the family.
And now, three generations later, the tradition continues exquisitely to be so. With M S M Kamil pioneering the gem export business in 1945, the Kamil Group remains as one of the pioneer exporters of Sri Lankan gems to the European market with their gems adorning the designs of coveted brand names such as Bulgari and Asprey London. They possess the entire chain from mine to market and therefore, if ever there were such people known as connoisseurs of gemmology, the Kamils would indeed be known as so.

The Jewellers insist on bestowing undivided attention on each and every one of their customers, which is why individual appointments are always encouraged during which the specifications of the client can be clarified. They will then cover the whole nine yards from sending the chosen stone for independent certification to a laboratory to delivering it right into the hands of the customer.

A gemstone will reveal its true glory only after it has been cut and polished in a deserving manner.
Ruzwan Kamil is fully aware of this factor and thus has taken steps to ensure that they deliver a cutting style that is on par with international standards. This has indeed made things easy for the customer as once a gemstone is bought from the store, it can be set as it is without the need to get it cut properly from abroad.

The Kamil Group has always believed in integrity and therefore, if the customer is not satisfied, their stones are on a 100 percent money back guarantee. The company also offers the service of setting the stone in whichever design that the customer chooses at only the material cost with no extra charge added. Along with this comes two years of free polishing and cleaning while after this period, such refinement can be performed on the pieces at a minimal price.

From Pigeon Blood Rubies, Gleaming Cats’ Eyes to Tsavorite Garnets, Eternity by Kamil Jewellers features a wide range of precious and semi precious gemstones and continues to set the world ablaze with the fiery colours of our very own 

Sapphires are indeed their speciality and whether it be Royal blue, blue, pink, purple, white or yellow Sapphire, they have it all. Although primarily an exporter of Sri Lankan gems, they also extend their services to the local clientele with the aim of providing them the rare opportunity to purchase export quality Sri Lankan gems. Apart from the Sapphires, countless other varieties of gemstones adorn the store shelves, beckoning invitingly. These varieties go into the making of the Navaratna; a collection of nine stones representing nine planets is considered to bestow luck when worn according to date and time of birth. From Pigeon Blood Rubies, gleaming Cats’ Eyes to Tsavorite Garnets, Eternity by Kamil Jewellers features a wide range of precious and semi precious gemstones and continues to set the world ablaze with the fiery colours of our very own Sri Lankan gems.

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