New development programme to enhance local handicraft industry

November 2012| 515 views

Collaboration programmes

The National Crafts Council has identified that the local handloom industry is affected by the lack of innovative designs and colours being used in manufacturing material and thread which results in decreased demand for these items.

The craftsman involved in creating Handloom, Batik, Patchwork, ”Beeralu” and “Thatin” lace and embroidering spend a lot of time and effort to produce items such as cushion covers, clothes, tablecloths, wall hangings and other related items.

The challenge faced by these craftsmen is to produce goods at a low cost, with this in mind the President of the Crafts Council of Sri Lanka Buddhi Keerthisena has initiated a new programme to assist them to improve their line of work.

The National Crafts Council conducts collaboration programmes with the Duskery Heart Society of India. With the involvement of Jaya Jetty the president of the Duskery Heart Society the new programme to develop the local handcraft industry training programmes will be conducted by Usha Paajapati a well known designer from India.