Authentic Thai cuisine from Jack Tree

December 2012| 221 views

Delicious Thai cuisine from the Jack Tree’s Thai chefs

The Jack Tree is a great place to experience the exotic tastes of authentic Thai cuisine. From the time you step inside, it will captivate you. The ambiance of Jack Tree is soothing and calming, yet snug and cozy at the same time. The decor is a blend of Thai curves and carving, with a pinch of strong geometrical shapes thrown in.

With three Thai chefs heading their kitchens, the authenticity of Jack Tree dishes is guaranteed. The restaurant offers a range of Thai specialties ranging from the traditional Phad Thai (stir fried noodles) to pineapple rice or the traditional sticky rice which is the perfect accompaniment to the various curries. From the chilli-heavy red curry to the basil-infused green curry and the turmeric infused yellow curry, the Thai curries are a must have at The Jack Tree.

A small bar mixes up a wide selection of Mocktails, such as the Viennese Ice Coffee where pistachio crème is blended with Brazilian coffee and has become a favourite with customers. They also offer a range of tropical smoothies, vegetable blends, ice teas and fresh juices.

Jack Tree is a sister restaurant of The Mango Tree, which specializes in Indian Cuisine, and was awarded the Best Restaurant 2010 by the Public Heath Department of  Colombo Municipal Council, in recognition of excellence in cleanliness and food hygiene.