Seasonal promotions by Jewel Laurel

December 2012| 181 views

Jewel Laurel is gearing up for some super attractions in preparation for the 2013 fall tourist season. With a special seasonal price discount on offer during the month of December, Jewel Laurel is armed with an eye-catching array of Sapphires, Rubies, Cats-eyes, Moonstones and all other types of natural and genuine gemstones which hail directly from the exotic gem mines of rural Sri Lanka.

Jewel Laurel intends to design and manufacture a range of gem-studded jewelry according to the sophisticated tastes and preferences of its esteemed clientele. As such, Jewel Laurel’s team of in-house lapidarists has been busy cutting and polishing these precious stones to perfection to attract the trendy customer -both young and the young at heart- who seeks nothing short of the finest quality at a modest and affordable price.

Never willing to compromise on quality, Jewel Laurel is approved by the Sri Lanka Gems and Jewellery Authority -which is the state body that monitors and regulates all gems and gem-studded jewellery sale transactions- to market natural and genuine gemstones and gem-studded jewellery set in precious metals. With each purchase, customers at Jewel Laurel will receive an officially endorsed certificate authenticated by qualified Gemologists from the Sri Lanka Gems and Jewellery Authority, recognized both locally and internationally as the absolute authority to certify genuine craftsmanship, quality and finesse.

The combination of a detail-oriented craftsmanship and an acute sense of design and market savvy along with the latest technology have enabled Jewel Laurel to create some elegant and sophisticated pieces of jewelry to suit the evolving taste of its clientele. The latest collection that’s being showcased boast a range of creative and innovative designs that’s elegant, ornate and dazzling enough for the visiting tourist and seasonal shopper alike.