Icy treats for Dogs available in Sri Lanka

January 2013| 787 views

Heidi Rampinelli with a canine friend

Heidi Rampinelli with a canine friend

Icy Tails, simply tail-icious by Ceccato, is a new ice cream-like treat for all canines that’s also highly nutritious and low in fat. Invented by Heidi Rampinelli and Blanka Dewapura, these doggie treats are now available at all Il Gelato outlets.

“I don’t think anyone has thought of making icy treats for dogs, especially in a hot climate like Sri Lanka,” said Heidi Rampinelli, Director – Il Gelato. “Blanka and I are very concerned about how we feed our dogs. So we developed this special treat several years ago, as a homemade fresh, treat for our dogs.” These treats are now produced by Il Gelato, and follow the strict quality control guidelines set in place by the two inventors.

Icy Tails is available in four special flavours – Peanut Butter and Banana, Veggie Breath Freshener, Minty Melon and Peanut Butter and Apple. The treats are a high-protein source for the dogs and also have a high nutritional value. “Icy Tails is sugar-free, and has no additives or colourants also,” said Heidi Rampinelli. She further added, “there is a good community of dog lovers in Sri Lanka, and we know that Icy Tails will soon be a popular treat for dogs here.”