Kandy City Centre: A Shopper’s paradise in the Hill Capital

January 2013| 1,491 views

At the threshold

At the threshold

Breathtaking architecture and glass encased shops arrayed with a myriad of options set a picturesque backdrop for a shopper’s paradise. Wandering around, I could not help but be mesmerised by the lure of these numerous shops as I paced the various floors of the Kandy City Centre.

Words Krishani Peiris

After jostling my way through the crowded streets of Dalada Veediya, I alighted at the threshold of KCC where the carved wooden doors, windows and the huge carved tuskers belied the interior of the shopping complex. Therefore, upon entering the first floor, I was pleasantly surprised by the contrast between the old and contemporary architecture of the exterior and the interior, which presented a delightful feast for the eyes.

Having opened its doors to the public in 2008, after 14 years of meticulous planning and attention to detail, The Kandy City Centre has now grown by leaps and bounds to encompass over 65 international and local brands. The state-of-the-art architecture of the building itself is stunning with countless skylights utilised for maximum usage of daylight. Furthermore the lead free glass, the surrrounding exterior granite cladding for insulation, recycling water for air conditioning and the use of ceramic filters of generators to curb emissions have created a structure that gives prominence to being eco friendly. Ample parking can also be found as the largest Kandy city Car Park is just located next door paving the way for hassle free shopping.

Exploring the countless shops within KCC, it is very clear to see as to why it is known as a foremost shopping destination. Clothing and shoe stores of excellent calibre, renowned electronic and furntiure stores, perfurmeries and stores dedicated for cosmetic products, jewellery stores with stunning decor, telecommunication centres, book stores, food outlets, a super market and much more accommodate the countless requisites of people from all walks of life. Not stopping there, KCC has also introduced a ‘Financial Street’ where many of the leading banks of Sri Lanka operate beyond their usual hours to cater better to the clientele that frequents the complex, thus earning KCC the status of being a commercial hub of the Central Province.

Walking through the wide spaced corridors, darting into shops now and then to compare and choose various items, I did not feel the time going by as there were plenty to see and experience within the cosy walls of KCC. While strolling along, I observed as people scurried back and forth attending to their various matters and youngsters lolling about clearly indicating that this space has become a hang out for most people. Friendly staff personnel positioned in all floors directed the lost pedestrians to their intended destinations while keeping an eye out for the safety of the tenants as well as of those who walked into the complex.

A landmark project that has received the ‘flagship status’ by the Board of Investment, Sri Lanka, KCC continuously and tirelessly focuses on improving its services and the complex in order to cater better to their clientele. These improvements can be seen and felt as it becomes more and more renowned among all those who step into its captivating grasp. Furthermore, the efficiency and the ease that accompanies in accomplishing most of the day to day activities make KCC ever more appealing to all who benefit from its various stores.

Seating myself on one of the steps on the Ground Floor that many seem to occupy, I watched the never ceasing flow of people and the merriment
that surrounded the periphery.

KCC, which has been established by a Sri Lankan entrepreneur with 100 percent privately owned family investments has indeed become one of the most frequented places in Kandy. Without a doubt we can expect more exciting events to unfold in the coming future.


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