Meet fun, chic, glam, trendy and debonair at Leather Collection

January 2013| 461 views

The range of accessories at Leather Collection

The range of accessories at Leather Collection

Leather Collection steps onto the catwalk with products to suit five diverse personas reflecting the quintessence of the store. They comprise of the young and hip teenager to the modern day mature career woman and a range of personalities in between, including the ‘about the town’ gentleman. All these personalities want to be different, individual and unique. They are all fashionistas wanting shoes, bags and accessories that truly reflect their lives, whether at work, play or elsewhere. They all possess their individual style and demand quality fashion.

The Extrovert is confident, lively and loves being flamboyant and flirty. She is bold and glamorous, because for her, it is all about making an entrance. She will turn heads, be the life of the party and the talk of the town. Leather Collection range for the Extrovert, is about blending shoes and bags with accessories in bold and exotic colours carrying it off with aplomb. The exclusive Kokommo handbags, clutches and jewellery made especially for Leather Collection will further add to her character.

The Raspberry Collection, playful bags and frollicky shoes, teamed with jazzy caps, coltish scarves, rascally keytags and even iPod and iPad covers in an unrestrained blend of bright colours would be the choice of the Tomboy. Fun and bright with a touch of funky, she loves life, enjoying slight hues of femininity but truly in her element as one of the boys.

Hi-design bags including laptop bags and briefcases add that element of panache to matching heels, scarves and belts and complements the career woman who never believes in compromise. She demands the best, is ambitious and her commanding presence is complemented with classic style. She may even carry a Kokommo handbag or clutch if she wants to add to that dynamic of understated glamour, which is very much her style.

The Trendsetter’s personality is about individualism, leading the way and being fearless in her fashion sense. She is about trailblazing in daringly different fashion, accessorised perfectly with a touch of the risqué. She can meld haute couture and thrift shoe chic, put together high heels with a touch of the vamp, blending true style with an eclectic but fashionable handbag and a quirky scarf.

Niloufer Anverally, Managing Director of Leather Collection asserts, “we have always striven to introduce global fashion trends to Sri Lanka and we find that now more than ever, there are customers who want quality, while demanding that their unique individual style is recognised. If you look at our range, for example from the Raspberry Collection for the fun and sporty minded to the Kokommo Collection, which surely makes for a conversation piece… we want our customers to exude that aura of uniqueness in their fashion sense without worrying about budgets.”

She describes Mr Right, the male persona falling into Leather Collection’s personality portfolio as debonair and suave, with an inherent focus on his own style, which can be echoed through the exciting range reflecting the high flying innuendos of ‘Wall Street’. “He’s a ‘Take it or Leave it’ kind of guy, but he knows what he wants and will get what he wants too. So when he accessorises… with the exciting range of leather goods we have at Leather Collection, Mr Right will exude an appeal that is professional but slightly hip, refined yet has a touch of the jaunty.”