M C Joonoos and Co launches website

February 2013| 483 views

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At the launch of the new website

M C Joonoos has evolved through a five generation journey spanning over 157 years, having been founded by Meera Cany Joonoos in Middle Street, Galle Fort in 1855. The family business maintains its forefathers’ traditions as the oldest and first jewellery business to be established in Sri Lanka under British rule. And today, they cater to clients with a preference in modern designs via their Saf’s classic products, providing a fully personalised service to their clientele.

A new collection of jewellery, the Joonoos Collection, will be unveiled soon.

M C Joonoos and Co recently launched their official website at www.mcjoonoos.com. This website covers comprehensive details of their historic legacy since 1855, availability of a wide range of diverse gems – both local and international, brands offered and classical accolades.

On visiting the website, one receives a unique classical welcome and will be ushered through an odyssey back to 1855 until today, unraveling the birth and growth
of M C Joonoos through almost 16 decades.