Nebesa – Russian Restaurant

February 2013| 140 views


Rising to two floors complete with an outdoor canopy seating, Nebesa is all about catering to a connoisseur palate and lavish comforts. The ambience at Nebesa is distinct, with a careful and conscientious selection in its interiors, to give guests a truly holistic dining experience. The upper floor has been designed for 21 VIP guests. It is furnished with plush upholstered chairs which you can ease into as your culinary journey unfolds. From its rich mahogany tables, teak timber touches, white flooring to neutral wallpaper, and the strains of new age fusion music, customers can unwind in luxury all day.

A 3D wall area on the upper floor provides soothing imagery to complement the plush aura of the restaurant. Lavish comforts extend to the floor below with a seating capacity of 65. Black and white tones and antique timber furnishings, paintings, handmade tables and upholstered chairs add a quaint and classic touch.

At mid-day, the restaurant will be an ideal stop for a business lunch. The friendly and helpful staff will assist you to make a selection from the extensive menu, which will be a fusion of cuisines with 40 percent of the menu focusing on authentic Russian dishes. The range of drinks at Nebesa range from mocktails, coffee, ice tea and milk shakes, and the tea bar offers up to 40 varieties to chose from, be it a good old brew of regular tea or a pot of luxury silver tips white tea. The house speciality is the Russian Mojito which is a special blend of exclusive beverages.