Tea: The World’s Green Gold

February 2013| 143 views

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Tea Tips

Good tea does not require sweetening for enjoyable consumption. It is bad quality tea that requires sugar to mask the poor taste.


Consumption of fine well made teas properly brewed in good water is a pleasant drinking experience on its own. Addition of any sweeteners are quite unnecessary.


Good quality strong teas are pleasant to enjoy with milk. No sugar is required when excellent quality teas are used. Strong presence of anti-oxidants in good brewed tea protects cells and organs from harmful cell damaging free radicals.


Fresh brewed black and green teas possess strong anti-bacterial properties.


Flourides present in tea promote oral health, reducing tooth decay and gum disease.


Drinking brewed tea without any additives of milk or sweeteners whilst exercising helps expedite fat reduction.


Polyphenols (Epigallocatechin Gallate) found in tea helps improve skin quality by protecting the skin against harmful effects of excessive sun-light.


Scientific research has revealed that polyphenols and anti-oxidants in tea help reduce Cardio-vascular diseases and Diabetes.


Anselm Perera (Mlesna Tea Centres)