White By Spa Ceylon: Amidst a White Oasis

February 2013| 838 views

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The pleasant aroma of a zillion flowers and the soothing sound of music welcome the guests to the midst of a white haven. Surrounded by this vast serenity, White by Spa Ceylon, sets the tone for indulgent pampering that appeases and calms the mind, body and soul.

Words Krishani Peiris Photographs Indika De Silva


White by Spa Ceylon features white marble floors, smooth white walls and all white decors that epitomise the concept of a skin whitening experience, to all who grace their threshold. Here and there the whiteness is punctured by Spa Ceylon’s emblem, a motif from the Magul Maduwa in Kandy, which is accentuated in silver to offer some contrast. Images and elements that blend contemporary designs with traces of old Ceylon adorn the premises, drawing a unique harmony between the two worlds. Differing vastly from other Spa Ceylon spas that employ dark colours, the latest Spa spanning two floors focuses on using light colours to create a tranquil atmosphere.

The boutique located on the first floor arrests one’s attention completely, offering a glimpse into the products, all Ayurvedic, that will be utilised with the signature Spa Ceylon treatment techniques. Created especially for the Spa, the products are lined deftly in one corner of the floor where white lights are set up to manipulate a soft white glow to showcase the lavish packaging. Available in two variants, White Tube Rose and White Jasmine, the range carries products that suit all skin types. The range especially focuses on boosting the skin with natural nutrients that will accelerate the skin whitening process.

The moment you step inside, you will be first directed to remove your shoes and slide them into some cozy slippers. After this you will be shown to the respective treatment areas. Equipped with a spa rejuvenation lounge and six treatment rooms – three double rooms and three single rooms – White by Spa Ceylon has ample room to cater to many guests simultaneously. Furthermore, the spa menu – divided into two categories as skin whitening and soothing and relaxing rituals – includes a total of 25 treatments with 15 being reserved exclusively for skin whitening.

The spa rejuvenation lounge arrayed to accommodate six to nine guests, mainly focuses on providing short spa rituals such as manicures, pedicures and scalp massages. Comfy seats arranged amidst a white setting bedecked with soft drapes and hand beaten steel foot baths filled with aromatic flowers, are a feast for the eye while helping the guests to relax in the calming atmosphere. The rooms located upstairs are reserved especially for longer spa treatments. All rooms have ample space and are arranged with furniture especially designed for Spa Ceylon, like all other spaces, with mood lighting that can be controlled to the guests liking. Here they have the opportunity to enjoy a range of relaxing and soothing spa rituals that focuses mainly on illuminating the skin. The guests can also enjoy other spa rituals that do not entail skin whitening, such as the Shirodhara treatment that is widely popular for its unique treatment style and benefits.

The second floor also accommodates a small lounge area where guests can continue to unwind even when they are done with the spa rituals. Here they can enjoy a refreshing cup of tea that is infused with organic herbs while enjoying some Sri Lankan Sugar Candy (Sukiri).

Armed with a staff of about 20 professional therapists and front office personnel, White by Spa Ceylon incorporates experience with technique to present one of the best day spa experiences to their clientele. Though the premises are situated in the midst of Colombo, once inside, guests will not experience the outside hustle and bustle making them feel as though they are in a serene white oasis. This fact is more so emphasised by the beautiful instrumental music that integrates nature’s sounds, and calms the mind and body.

Keeping with White by Spa Ceylon’s brand promise of gently whitening and illuminating the skin, Spa Ceylon delivers the promise and even goes beyond to present an everlasting spa experience that will have their guests seeking the comfort of Spa Ceylon’s embrace continuously. Fortified by the success in Sri Lanka they are now planning on expanding to international markets in the near future where they will continue to offer their signature Spa Ceylon experience to all who come to their spas.


14, Ward Place, Colombo 7

Tel: (+94 11) 268 0800

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