Designer outdoor living accessories from TL Shades

March 2013| 526 views

An awning from TL Shades provides shade and adds a touch of elegance

An awning from TL Shades provides shade and adds a touch of elegance

TL Shades focuses on pure architecture, between art and design, in their range of canopies, garden furniture, shade sails, umbrellas, sun beds, patio covers and other items.

They use the very best, world-renowned, original awning fabrics ensuring sun protection from Citel, Spain. These fabrics are specially designed with endless creativity and remarkable quality.

TL Shades also provides a range of outdoor fabrics from Citel, Spain which are high performance fabrics suitable for either indoors or outdoors. They are both fade-resistant and stain-resistant, and can be cleaned with mild soap water.

The outdoor fabric range is ideal for cushions, pillows and other outdoor furniture accessories. The teak umbrellas not only provide essential protection from harsh sunlight but also provide an elegant, attractive and sculptural accessory to any outdoor setting.

Designed and made in Europe, these shades are built to last for many years and are popular with the hospitality industry for its durability and ease of use.

TL Shades is gearing to present its variety of goods at many of the building, design and architectural exhibitions and shows during 2013, enabling the public to learn about the wide range of outdoor living accessories they offer and the durability and design aesthetic of each product.