Novita AirCare Pro’s Air Sterilizers now in Sri Lanka

March 2013| 228 views

26 copyNovita AirCare Pro’s air sterilizers have transformed the interior environments of homes and offices around the world. Brought to Sri Lanka by Airwork International, they purify, sanitize and sterilise the air, providing clean air for any living space.

The Air Sterilizer NAS 6000 is equipped with QuadSystem technology for high efficient air purification, sterilization and surface sanitisation. The NAS 6000 actively seeks out and eliminates airborne germs, allergens, chemicals, unpleasant odour and even surface-bound contaminants to ensure optimum indoor air quality. The negative ions which are produced by the NAS 6000 also help to relieve stress, boost energy levels and increase alertness by creating an overall calming effect.

The NAS 6,000 has three convenient pre-set modes for ease of use. The Classic Purification mode provides a milder approach to air purification with high efficient filters and negative ions. The Flexible Purification mode is equipped with adjustable air purification levels, and regulates the ozone generation automatically to suit the coverage area selected. The Intense Sterilisation and Sanitization mode is meant for use in unoccupied rooms and spaces, and is powered with the highest ozone concentration. This mode boosts air sterilization and surface sanitisation capacity to its maximum for a more thorough clean up in unoccupied areas.