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The new facade merging with the old

The new facade merging with the old

It is located on one of the busiest roads in Colombo, but once you step into its pristine white interiors you are transported through time and space into a world of pamper and sophistication. Rumours salon, which relocated to its new premises  at Union Place continues to provide their expertise in beauty and hair care while taking their services to the next level.

Words Udeshi Amarasinghe Photographs Menaka Aravinda and Indika De Silva

Having started in 1982, the decision to move from its Inner Flower Road premises where it had been located for 30 years was made in order to accommodate the growing clientele of Rumours. The new building was not designed by a conventional architect per se but a designer who understood the requirements of the salon and its owner. The interior was completely decorated in-house as they knew exactly what was required to give the utmost to their customers.

Consisting of two floors, the ground floor is a spacious area, where hair cuts, hair styles, colouring and washing are done. The room is divided with a line of work stations interspersed by space enabling the free flow of air and light thereby creating a space of indulgence in the heart of Colombo. The stylised wooden staircase leads you up to the first floor, which encompasses the make-up room and the beauty treatment rooms. Rumours is the only salon in Sri Lanka to use the CACI machine for non surgical facelifts. Treatments include facials, waxing, electrolysis, manicures and pedicures. Rumours specialises in haircuts,  hair colour and colour corrections, facials and institute treatments targetting all treatments in skin care and foot care. Furthermore, a colour product that is ammonia and PPD free is used, as most people prefer this to avoid allergic reactions.

A unique aspect of Rumours is that there is a blend between the old and the new

A unique aspect of Rumours is that there is a distinct blend between the old and the new. One that reflects this quite aptly is the hand and foot care area, which is housed in a colonial style building with signature arches and massive walls.

This seemingly stands out with its saffron coloured walls. The ambience surrounding the complex, gives a sense of calm and quiet further enhancing the experience.

one step into Rumours and you can definitely be sure of a truly transforming experience

Open six days a week from nine in the morning to eight in the evening, staff at Rumours give their clients the utmost priority. Therefore one step into Rumours and you can definitely be sure of a truly transforming experience.


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