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A wide-range of colourful wooden toys

A wide-range of colourful wooden toys

Wooden toys spread around presents a variety of playthings allowing little ones to discover a world full of delights. The skilfully designed and crafted toys will not only make children exuberant, but will also take adults on a journey to their younger days… Fun mingled with discovery waits in every corner as you wander amidst the vibrant setting of Simplex International.  

Words Dilesha Dias Photographs Damith Wickramasinghe

A multitude of toys tinted in a variant of vivid colours greets the eye as one steps into Simplex International. Arrayed with an experience that expands well over three decades the shop displays a vibrancy that showcase their expertise in the craft. “We stepped into the industry with the intention of exporting our products and then gradually increased our potential. There was a time where we exported our products to more than fifteen countries around the globe. Even though the market has slightly dropped due to numerous reasons, yet we manufacture children’s items with superior standards,” reflected Denzil Aponso, Managing Director of Simplex International.

Wooden toys with attractive colour schemes melded into realistic shapes will stir the children’s imagination as they eagerly persist on exploring the exciting items at hand. Made with utmost care and presented with a refined finish, the toys will also relay a sense of security for worried parents.

Kids’ heroes to dream-stars,  cartoon characters to animals and much more are effectively personified, compelling the lively minds of children and adults alike to join a whimsical world filled with numerous toys. Furthermore, equipped with exquisite designs representing distinctive creations, the wooden toys allow people from all ages to enjoy a relaxing yet entertaining experience as they amble around Simplex International encountering unique facets at each step.

A sensational range of wooden-items, assembled around offers a wide selection as it encompasses not only toys but a variety of kids furniture as well. Tables and chairs made to accommodate the playful minds of kids comprises of Disney characters and others hued in striking shades flaunts absolute must-haves for little prince and princesses’ bedrooms or nurseries. Furthermore, wooden toy trains or trucks fashioned to capture the eye of little ones will without a doubt be any child’s favourite pick as they will be encouraged to explore the boundaries of their creative imaginations.

However, spending all-day with the dainty wooden-toys will not take away the child’s interest in learning the ordinary. The creations at Simplex International are not merely ‘toys’ that kids will leave aside once they have exhausted the playful possibilities. The toys or the furniture items at the store also represent learning materials, specifically designed to aid children in their learning process. The items created to assist in the recognition of colours and three-dimensional shapes and much more, will without a doubt make learning fun. Moreover, most of the toys in Simplex International are armed with multiple functions so that little ones are provided with various ways of amusement as well as vital or even mandatory knowledge necessary for the growth of the young yet inquisitive mind.

wooden toys with attractive colour schemes melded into realistic shapes will stir the children’s imagination

Simplex International emphasises on keeping things straightforward and uncomplicated matching the nature of youngsters. However, even though ‘simplicity’ plays a big role, the toys available encompass all desires of children.

It is quite difficult to restrict children, who are especially in the age group of three to seven, as they revel in playing and running. However, arrayed with a vibrant set of wooden toys, the parents might be able to coax the restless child to indulge in activities that will be educational as well as fun for the roaming attention of many young ones.

“Our objective is to provide small children with what they deserve. We maintain high-quality in our products, which are of course been exported to different countries. I do get an immense help from both my daughter and son. And we are looking forward to keep continuing with the creations that we have done so far,” concluded Denzil Aponso.


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