Gifts from Sri Lanka at Odel Duty Free

May 2013| 1,432 views

Ornamental elephants - a memento of Sri Lanka

Ornamental elephants – a memento of Sri Lanka

On their departure from Sri Lanka, the discerning traveller can now make one more stop at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA), Katunayake, for a final taste of Sri Lanka, at the Odel Duty Free store.

Odel first made its appearance at the BIA, in 2005 to afford travellers a last minute shopping experience. Located at the Transit Departure Lounge, the Duty Free store was recently revamped complete with product ranges to cater to travellers while showcasing its souvenir brand LUV SL. The facelift is a timely venture with the increased influx of tourists to the Island paving the way for travellers bagged with memories of the Island to purchase fitting memorabilia and souvenirs on their departure.

The Duty Free store however is a comprehensive offering of Odel’s main department store in Ward Place with a broad spectrum of products. In addition the store endeavours to aptly represent Sri Lanka through its product ranges in particular its souvenir range. For the traveller light weight travel friendly products such as ayurvedic neck pillows and shawls can be purchased. Similarly tokens and trinkets, are also available to take home a touch of Sri Lankan flavour. Aside from the souvenir clothes collections complete with Sri Lankan themes, the store showcases an attractive range of knick-knacks be it a tuk tuk soft toy or traditional masks as fridge magnets.

While some of its products have adhered to environmentally friendly practices in their making, the store’s new look and feel is geared to promote Sri Lanka and give tourists a sense of nostalgia to go with their memories.