Hotel Rock Face, at the heart of tranquillity

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Hotel Rock Face

Hotel Rock Face

Tucked away in a haven of serenity, Hotel Rock Face is come upon at the end of a winding trail off Rathmalgoda, Horana. Lush paddy fields and rubber cultivations give the property a scenic setting and an unparalleled level of seclusion.

Words Dilshan Senaratne Photographs Damith Wickramasinghe

Described as an agritourist resort by founders C Senarathne and H S Vithanage, the hotel sits on eight acres of cultivated land and is secured by the shade of towering woods, setting the tone for an ambient hideaway that begs to be indulged in. Agritourism, a relatively new concept to Sri Lanka, grants guests the opportunity to indulge in the many observable facets of cultivation taking place within the property. In the case of Hotel Rock Face, the primary cultivation is Rubber.

Immediately adjoining the driveway is the bungalow, the largest of available accommodation units with three rooms, alongside two cottages and a further two cottages in the process of being completed. The simplistic architectural style of the accommodation complements the luscious surroundings and has an unmistakable coziness attached to it, probably due in part to its snug structure. The bungalow, constructed using clay bricks, which lends to the mild room temperature, is positioned atop a sloping rock and overlooks the tranquil backdrop of mountainous surroundings. The minimalistic furnishing does great justice to the ambience set by the sweeping trees, providing an unmatched oneness with nature.

Deeper in the emerald tapestry of the property are two cottages, positioned in isolation apart from each other as a negligible disturbance to the placid environment that offers refuge to anyone who seeks to be submerged in the quiet of the scenery. The forestry which forms the backdrop to the property is an enthralling view of a nature reserve which looms in the distance at an elevation, best seen from the cottage positioned at the foot of the slope.

If one highlight stands out from the plethora on offer, it surely is the natural spring water pool cum swimming pool located at the edge of the property. The pool, probably the only one of its kind is sustained by the spring water seeping from beneath the surface of its rocky bed.

The pebbles, which form the bed are believed to be beneficial to good health, alleviating blood circulation, stress and tension. The mineral density of spring water being higher than other forms of water assists in the rejuvenating quality of a simple dip in the natural pool.

Hotel Rock Face grants much to be explored in its confines with the  slopes running through a never ending arena of forestry…

An outdoor platform and an open entry style structure forms the reception hall which holds up to 200 persons, the idyllic setting for a celebration or gathering of any kind, away from the hustle of city hotels and otherwise commonly popular venues. The wooden ceiling and cement floors offer a very airy feel to the place and is guaranteed to play host to an occasion that is out of the ordinary.

Hotel Rock Face grants much to be explored in and around its boundaries with the slopes running through a never ending arena of forestry, rich with a diversity of luscious greens. “Pareithota”, situated a mere ten minute drive from the property offers a haven of nature to bathe in the fresh-water streams and breathe in the ambience of nature. Guests have the opportunity to go boating in the “Kalu Ganga,” also located nearby. Tea plucking and rubber tapping activities take place in the nearby plantations and offer an insightful experience for interested observers. Fishing and birdwatching along with gem mining that takes place in Rathnapura are all activities that guests can engage in.

The cuisine is a variety of eclectic dishes, stemming from varied origins, however the emphasis is on Italian and Sri Lankan preparations, which the staff specialises in.

Hotel Rock Face arranges excursions to places of interest located in proximity to the property and offers personalised services with regard to travel requirements and accommodation. Located an hour and a half from Colombo, Hotel Rock Face is a much needed escape to anyone tangled in the hustles of their day to day city lives.


Hotel Rock Face

Rathmalgoda, Poruwadanda, Horana.

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