Originals: For a Distinctive Flair

May 2013| 259 views

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Furniture for the bedroom

Soft hues and smooth lines adorned each piece of furniture. Radiating tranquillity and warmth, each piece contributed to the everlasting sense of comfort present at Originals where furniture displayed is ‘for the individual’.

Words Krishani Peiris Photographs Indika De Silva

Nestled in Park Street Mews in the heart of Colombo, Originals was first established in July 2012 by Geri Murphy, Sharlyn Perera and Chris Vidal. Striving to present ‘furniture for the individual’, this unique space has flourished in a short time to win the hearts of many.

Pacing through the spacious shop that is arrayed deftly showcasing different settings in a house such as a living room, bedroom or a dining table arrangement, draws the gaze as one is tempted to scrutinise every line and colour that complement each other. One particular setting arranged right next to the window, in front of the shop, depicted a bedroom which holds any captive with its uncommon yet alluring backdrop. White and grey bedcovers and comfy pillows bedecked the top while the foot of the bed was adorned in intricately carved legs and a simple base. The legs of the bed has been recycled from an old ponorogo daybed while old pillars have been utilised to complete the base, making way for a one-of-a-kind design. Such designs are spread throughout the premises.

Originals uses teak wood, both old and new to present simple designs or source older pieces of furniture and remodel them by embedding glass, reshaping and painting. To accomplish this, Geri Murphy, owner and creator of Originals in Singapore, brings in a wealth of experience. She incorporates the same concept prevalent in the store in Singapore along with her established group of furniture makers based in Indonesia and India, to present a world class furniture experience to clients in Sri Lanka.

Shades of brown, grey, white, yellow, green and many more light hues soothe the mind and eye while highlighting each invention that brings out the true meaning of ‘work of art’. Tables, soft to the touch, modelled maintaining the lines present in wood, cosy sofas and chairs, where one could sink into portray the effectiveness as well as the charm of Originals. Rare cupboards and wardrobes that could not possibly be found elsewhere due to their singularity and cushions, pots, and other commodities assembled around the store further comprises of a portfolio that could be appreciated and revelled in by any who walk into Originals. All this can be seen or chosen from the extensive catalogue present at Originals that include a range of furniture to match the taste and style of many as well.

Functionality, durability and quality plays a prominent role in these distinctive compositions while preserving the natural character…

Pieces modelled in contemporary designs fused with elements of the old and the new provide furniture that lean towards simplicity diverting from complicated creations. Functionality, durability and quality plays a prominent role in these distinctive compositions while preserving the natural character of either the material or the original piece that was employed to mold the current fixture. Another unique facet was that though simplistic in design, the furniture created ‘living spaces’ where people could enjoy quality time either socialising or relaxing in solitude.

With the success of the showroom, Originals will be expanding into lending their expertise and singular flair to projects in order to create unique spaces in small hotels or villas in the country. More plans are in stock as the store further hopes to combine their knowledge with local furniture makers and designers to merge tradition with contemporary styles. In addition, Originals will be initiating Design Consultancy Services in collaboration with Dolores de Battista of D de B Design Consultants who is well versed with international experience in Interior Architecture and Design.

Thus, providing service and designs that demonstrate quality and dedication, Originals reflect the true sense of its name in every piece of furniture and decor that embellish the showroom.


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