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May 2013| 983 views

A colourful ensemble at Orin

A colourful ensemble at Orin

Nestled down Kesbewa Road in the vibrant hub of Nugegoda is a little gem of a shop, where clothing and accessories of exceptional quality and sophistication can be purchased.

Words Ayesha Inoon  Photographs Damith Wickramasinghe

Stepping into Orin Sri Lanka, you are greeted with a plethora of colour and style, the neatly lined aisles of clothing inviting customers to browse through the many choices before them. Having opened its doors in December 2011, sales have doubled since then, says Bimal Karunaratne, proprietor of Orin Sri Lanka. He attributes the success of the store to the high quality of the clothing as well as the affordable prices.

“I wanted to do something different,” he says, “if you go around Nugegoda you might find the same item in ten shops. However, if  you come to my shop, you will rarely find the items here anywhere else.” His many years of experience in the clothing industry in Sri Lanka have taught him how to look for the best in quality and fashion, he says, and this is what he hopes to offer his customers. By paying careful attention to their comments and reactions, Bimal continuously updates his inventory to bring the latest in fashion to Orin Sri Lanka in keeping with what customers are looking for.

Ladies will be able to put together a complete ensemble from among the items of clothing on display – from casual T-shirts and shirts, to smart office wear including blouses, skirts, dresses and pants. Accessories such as belts, earrings, chains and other items of costume jewellery add the final touch to your purchase.

While the majority of Orin Sri Lanka’s offerings consist of ladies’ clothing, the shop also offers a variety of options for men, teenagers and young children. One of the most popular men’s items, says Bimal, are the linen pants. Jeans, T-shirts, pretty little dresses, skirts and tops for the little ones make it a shopping experience for the whole family. In addition to clothing, there are also several toys that would make impromptu gifts to go along with a purchase of clothing for children.

All the T-shirts consist of hundred percent cotton fabrics and every single item of clothing has been carefully screened to ensure that it meets not only local, but also export quality standards. Many well known local brands such as Signature, Triumph and Velona are available at the shop as well as imported items from countries such as Bangkok and India. Bimal also plans to bring in his own brand of clothing ‘Coast-to-Coast’ in the near future.

“One of the main advantages of my shop is the ability it gives customers to purchase items of high quality at reasonable prices,” says Bimal, adding that he has a small but regular customer base that continues to grow steadily. As word of this little gem in Nugegoda spreads among the fashion conscious of the city, people will undoubtedly remember to take a turn down the Kesbewa Road in search of that perfect attire or accessory.

15, Old Kesbewa Road, Nugegoda
Tel: (+94 11) 281 1558
[email protected]