The Pottery Shop: Irresistibly Earthen

May 2013| 2,302 views

The various items on display

The various items on display

It was the inviting affection, I believe, that cloaked its guests with welcome. The presence of earthen texture within the homely shop would do nothing but lure guests inside. It depicted a true realism in rustic warmth, to capture the sentiments of one’s heart, to somehow instill the essence of completeness to this little place that had tremendous soul in what it produced. 

Words Sonali Kadurugamuwa Photographs Damith Wickramasinghe

With collections racked harmoniously against one another, the snug dimensions inside The Pottery Shop beams with cosy ambience. The showcase of earthenware is apparent; however, what sets apart the assortments of this boutique’s concept from many is the authenticity of its designs. Each collection is unique to the other. Handcrafted with sgraffito techniques, to bare a melody of picturesque artistry, the ware, in its entirety, ranges in diverse themes infused with cultural radiance.

Tough, stocky and rugged, the elephant collection of stoneware is true to its portrayal of the wild and versatile creature. From mugs, to oil burners, to ash trays, the intensity of the macho elephant foot, punctuates the finish of each and every piece. Another assemblage, the ‘word mark’ section displays mugs and other inimitable selections of pottery, inscribed with words and single letterings. Across the little hall you will find sets or tableware; water jugs, cups, tea, coffee, dinner an dessert and more are glazed in mellow earthy tones, while right beside them runs the bath and spa collections, “mainly produced for hotels and resorts,” adds Muditha Nanayakkara, Director Finance, Anuradha Ceramics.

Gifts for any occasion are presented at another section of the store. Centre piece worthy vases brushed in elegance, temple or cultural paintings for a traditional touch and other decorative earthenware entices, in sgrafitti handwork.

The distinct Studio Pottery Concept for The Pottery Shop is laid out by the mastermind behind the wares’ designs, Ajith Mohan Perera, Chairman and Managing Director of Anuradha Ceramics and its intent,“is to create exceptional pieces and implement them into a production line.” Skills of local pottery craftsmen, trained under Perera can be seen at their workshops at Mankada in Udawalawe and also in the Factory in Piliyandala.

Simple yet artistic, The Pottery Shop is the warmest of places one can step into and easily fall into a realisation of the heart, for whatever the collection you decide to choose from, you can rest assured that it is one-of-a-kind.


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