IFS adapts retail supply chain to suit consumer behaviours

June 2013| 232 views

Denis Van Nunen, MD of IRS Retail in the region

Denis Van Nunen, MD of IRS Retail in the region

IFS aims to cater to changed consumer behaviours by adapting the retail supply chain effectively to suit the new behaviour patterns.

IFS believes that real time applications are required to satisfy the new consumer behaviour and that initiatives should be made to figure out how to combine the online sales seamlessly with the offline sales, and the other way around. Additonally, IFS solutions attempt to scarcely manage the retail inventory and increase the sell through rate and how to better plan and forecast sales and inventory, even on size level and colour schemes.

IFS has already moved in the direction of helping its customers with these questions.

The IFS system works in real-time ERP which enables IFS customers to answer the question of where the products are in real time.