The Manhattan Fish Market now in Sri Lanka

June 2013| 578 views

Flaming King Prawn

Flaming King Prawn

The world renowned seafood restaurant chain; Manhattan Fish Market has made its debut in Sri Lanka with the sole intent of serving the local food lovers. Complete with the international menu, which offers signature dishes such as the Manhattan Seafood Flaming Platter, is completely trans fat free and is prepared in one of five ways; grilled, flamed, fried, poached or baked.

The premium ingredients sourced from the best in the world will be highlighted by the rare delicacies of cod, dory and scallops.

“There is a gap in the market when it comes to affordable seafood restaurants that are set for casual dining and this is where Manhattan Fish Market comes in,” commented Khalil-ur-rahman, CEO – The Seafood Factory.

The Manhattan Fish Market, the newest in top range dining venues in Colombo is now open to serve its patrons with the choiciest cuisine.