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A softwood carving

A softwood carving

The thought that springs to mind when any mention of framing is made lacks variety, colour and on top of all creativity. A misconception that will surely be set straight and put into perspective at Foto Design and Zsa Zsa Gallery. Whether you’re a hotelier, architect, interior designer or a proud home owner, Foto Design and Zsa Zsa Gallery promises just what you need.

Words Dilshan Senaratne Photographs Indika De Silva

Established in 1986 as a lamination store in Sri Lanka, Foto Design has since then evolved into a one-stop destination for any and all photography needs. Going by the promise “we frame anything”, Foto Design today caters to a diverse market segment which includes, wedding stationery, design and printing, custom picture framing, photography services and corporate identity cards.

A wide selection of frames in varying hues, textures and materials is the least of what is impressive about Foto Design as demonstrated by the display units which hold within its binds, items ranging from concert memorabilia to model cars. Shanila Alles, the proprietress of Foto Design points out that there is a gap in the market for personalised framing options and this is where she positions Foto Design. The workshop and operation base located at De Fonseka Place is housed in a quiet setting that brings all of Foto Design under one roof. Having an in-house workshop has many perks and is a primary competitive advantage. Quick, personalised service is a given, not to mention the promise of highest quality standards and infinite possibilities. For example after-sale alterations, which usually take up long periods of time are handled efficiently at Foto Design, a critical point of consideration for most clients.

Zsa Zsa gallery, the brainchild of Alles was initiated in 2008 and is best described as an art consultancy firm. Having understood that little thought is given to what will adorn the walls prior to completing construction, Zsa Zsa presents its clientele the opportunity to obtain the right piece of art for any wall. Working closely with her clients, Alles offers the necessary creative input to select from an exquisite selection of art or create a customised piece to fit the wall just right.

The task of deciding on the perfect piece of art is a difficult one which requires a tasteful eye, something Alles is more than happy to provide

The collection made up of intricate wood carvings, canvas paintings and tapestries all have a unique quality and exquisite finish, which does not fail to capture its audience at the gallery premises located in Queen’s Road. The highlight pieces dominated by etchings made on softwood are the perfect potential addition to any home, given its luxurious sophistication and immaculate craftsmanship. What really sets Zsa Zsa gallery apart, however, is the possibility of tailoring the perfect piece of art to compliment any wall.

The task of deciding on the perfect piece of art is a difficult one which requires a tasteful eye, something Alles is more than happy to provide. In fact she undertakes the job of fitting any theme or colour palette given to her by the client and works accordingly to bring to life a masterpiece to her client’s own liking.

A home is not the only place Zsa Zsa Gallery can add a touch of finesse to. Her client portfolio extends to corporate establishments and hotels as well. Alles emphasises the importance of a painting in any luxury hotel room, saying even though guests would not consciously identify the missing element, they’re likely to feel that something is missing. Unfortunately, most interior decorators leave the choice of a painting for last and Alles explains that things would be in better sync had the painting been thought of beforehand. Nevertheless, Zsa Zsa is ever prepared to take up a challenge and work backwards.

Looking back Alles explains how her passion for art drove her to cross career paths and indulge in what is now her bread and butter. The knowledge she gathered by working with a variety of artists has lent to Foto Design and Zsa Zsa being armed with a knack for putting anything in the right frame.


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