Aviraté launches new lingerie collection

July 2013| 82 views

Aviraté’s newest lingerie collection was launched in the Colombo Fashion Week earlier this year. As the brand prides itself on high street sensuality, the new lingerie collection features beautiful French Laces, gorgeous embroideries and a basics comfort range that pushes industry capabilities in technology while adding a touch of glamour and sensuality.

Aviraté also opened their newly conceived and beautifully detailed boudoir lingerie department last month, making Aviraté lingerie a leader in the market.

Aviraté also unveiled their Spring/Summer collection at the Colombo Fashion Week earlier this year. The collection was inspired by the ‘Island Spirit,’ and features various types of tropical prints in both bright and muted colours in the form of digital printing. The collection has been designed with the aim to energise regular women with sensuality, and also to refine their own unique beauty and highlighting their individuality. Aviraté celebrates the diversity, individuality, personality, style and beauty of every woman through its creation.