Vogue Jewellers Setting New Trends

August 2013| 2,251 views

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Exquisitely crafted gold jewellery glimmered relating the legacy of Vogue Jewellers while jewellery made from blue sapphires, red rubies, green emeralds and white diamonds took centre stage, twinkling and casting their magical spell to entice all who step inside…

Words Krishani Peiris

In 1962, Sarath Hemachandra unveiled Vogue Jewellers to the world by creating timeless and classical signature pieces that went beyond existing conventions. Capturing many hearts in this manner, Vogue Jewellers in 1967 opened the doors of its flagship showroom in 
Colpetty, which was primarily a residential area during the time. Since then, over a span of 50 years, Vogue has grown to embrace the reputation of being the ‘Bridal Jeweller for 
Sri Lanka’.

Stepping inside the three storey building located next to the hustle and bustle of the Galle Road, one is at once transported to a world of glamour as the eyes feast on the beautifully designed masterpieces assembled deftly around the first floor. Tables and comfy chairs are set up in the centre of this floor to accommodate the throng of customers who visit the premises each day. Passing through these eager clients, sorting through the variety of jewels that are available, and ascending a glass staircase, one encounters the second floor where most of the precious, semi precious as well as coloured stone jewellery are displayed.

An orchid alluringly set with rubies and diamonds, in rose gold, moulded with delicate petals, showcased the beautiful and ingenious craftsmanship at Vogue.

Gold earrings, tussles, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and rings, set with a plethora of multi hued stones and fashioned with enchantingly intricate designs, beckon all to take a look at the variant collections housed in glass casings. An orchid alluringly set with rubies and 
diamonds, in rose gold, moulded with delicate petals, showcased the beautiful and ingenious craftsmanship at Vogue. This special jewel piece functions as a ring, pendant and a brooch; in short it is a multi functional piece of jewellery that marks the innovative approach taken by the Jewellers. Another pendant with a set of earrings using the pave method, French for paved and so called as the stones are set close together, portrayed the beauty of blue sapphires, placed in white gold, which Sri Lanka is famed for. While being immersed in admiring these unique facets, another collection draws the gaze. A multitude of sapphires that created a squared pattern on the surface of a pendant and a ring, sparkled radiating its elegance. Embellished with a setting called invisible setting, the stones are arranged to create the illusion of having a much larger sapphire. Arrayed with such diverse techniques, Vogue Jewellers are continuing to make strides in setting new trends in the jewellery market in Sri Lanka.

The third floor is dedicated to bridal jewellery. It is a spacious area decked in white interior and wooden tones to accentuate the gold jewellery. A special room separate from this vast space named the bridal salon, gives customers the opportunity to have some privacy, if desired. Soft lighting further provides the perfect backdrop for customers to compare and select the best.

The staff at Vogue Jewellers is well groomed with etiquette and discipline at the core of their customer care. They are all trained to provide the ultimate jewellery experience and act more as consultants imparting undivided attention with pleasing personalities. Furthermore, the design team at Vogue Jewellers are famed for their mastery in jewellery designs both locally and internationally. As an attestant to their expertise, Vogue Jewellers have won innovation and design awards nationally as well as globally.

Keeping in line with the prevailing international trends and standards, Vogue Jewellers have GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified loose diamonds that are utilised in designs while being promoted as a means of investment. Further, all gold jewellery in the showroom have a lifetime guarantee showcasing the dedication of being true to its brand promise, ‘With you forever’.

The Vogue showroom harmonises tranquillity with the joy of being in the midst of exquisitely crafted designs to present the perfect getaway to indulge in the charm of jewellery that are 
made by master craftsmen. It is this mastery coupled with unmatched creations that carries the legacy as well as the relationship of Vogue Jeweller’s for life.


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