An exhibition to celebrate Tissot’s 160th anniversary

September 2013| 70 views

The timeline

The timeline

In honour of its 160th anniversary, Tissot offers a journey through time and reveals some of its greatest historical moments from the past 160 years. The exhibition will be held until October 6, 2013 at the Cité du Temps, one of Geneva’s landmarks, which was built in the 1840s.

The exhibition is a rich fusion of heritage and modernity in an ideal location, which gives way to an amazing show. A timeline leads the visitor into the room, their every step marking a milestone of the Tissot history. The last date that represents Tissot’s 160th anniversary, opens onto the beautiful exhibition that is filled with emotion and memories.

A movie is played on a big screen that tells the story of Tissot and takes people on a journey through time. The heroes of the film are the firsts of the watchmaking industry that Tissot created. Certain models, such as the Tissot Pendant of 1878 up until the Tissot Heritage Navigator, are also showcased in displays to show-off the natural beauty that the Tissot pieces were equipped with from the very beginning. Tissot remains true to its signature “Innovators by Tradition”. Tissot products are available at W A De Silva showrooms.