Ranjanas 7 Stories an unforgettable tale

September 2013| 3,898 views

Enter the floor of cosmetics and costume jewellery

Enter the floor of cosmetics and costume jewellery

Chapter by chapter, the stories unfold – the beauty of childhood, the joys of marriage, the contentment of home. Each floor in ‘Ranjanas 7 Stories’ is dedicated to a range of items that complement and add beauty to whichever stage in life that you wish to celebrate.

Words Ayesha Inoon Photographs Damith Wickramasinghe

Known since 1946 for their exclusive sarees, Ranjanas established the shopping mall ‘7 Stories’ two years ago with the aim of providing their customers with everything they needed under one roof. Today, the seven floors of this ultramodern building, each with its own mezzanine, offer a variety of products to suit every mood and occasion.

The story begins upon entry to the cool, air-conditioned interior of the ground floor, where the theme is home and lifestyle. Home décor such as handicrafts and ceramics, utilities such as kitchenware, crockery and electronic appliances, a range of mattresses and bedspreads that come in rich colours and fabrics, are options to add glamour to your home while branded costume jewellery, watches, sunglasses and cosmetics and even a corner for computers, help you define who you are.

The colourful second tier of the store speaks of childhood and youth with its range of toys, board games, sports equipment and branded sportswear, including Adidas, Nike and Puma. A range of casual clothes for teenage boys and girls as well as everything you would need for your newborn baby, from feeding equipment to prams and infant clothing invites parents of children of all ages to linger here.

Moving upwards, you enter a story written especially for the fashion conscious female, where elegant clothes from ethnic shalwars to western bridal wear such as gowns by UK designer Indrani Dole, await discovery. A collection of elite handbags, purses and other accessories is available to complete your ensemble.

Men will find their own story within the stories, with an eclectic selection of casual and formal clothes, shoes and accessories lining the shelves and racks of the next floor. From branded shirts ranging from Adidas, Nike, Reebok and Giordano, to linen shirts and trousers, shoes and a ‘bridegroom’ range of rich sharwanis, kurtas and suit lengths, the menswear selection at 7 Stories embraces every requirement of a man’s attire. With plans to introduce in-house tailoring, customers will soon be able to put together their entire wardrobe within these walls. Jeans for both men and women, classy lingerie and a range of accessories from belts to bangles are also available.

The top floors of the building are dedicated to the celebration of weddings and marriage with the swirling fabrics of silks and satins, intricate embroidery and unique patterns emphasising that which Ranjanas has been legendary for – their sarees. The bridal range is unmatched for beauty and elegance, with sarees that are studded with pearls, Swarowski crystals, gold embroidery and other rich embellishments that add glamour to create a treasured memory of your wedding day. The ‘pattu’ sarees bear the trademark quality of those regions in India – Kerala, Banarasi, Calcutta, Mysore and more. Summer silks with jute work, raw silks and even linen sarees with their exquisite drapes can be bought here, making it a veritable paradise for the sari lover.

The very top floor of the building is a ‘budget floor’, showcasing everything from stock lots to designer wear on sale at bargain prices, completing 7 Stories’ appeal as a venue for consumers from every walk of life.

“As a family owned company, run by my grandfather, father and now myself, we have always been extremely conscious of customer satisfaction,” says Dr D Venkateshwaram, Director, Ranjanas 7 Stories, adding that the aim of the shopping mall was for customers to be able to shop for all their needs in a single location that provided a comfortable, sophisticated environment. With several developments planned within the next few months, including a coffee shop and children’s play area, restaurant, salon and basement supermarket, Ranjanas continues to add layers of interest and romance to the stories that unfold within their building.


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