Tapas with a twist

September 2013| 103 views


Casa Colombo has introduced unique tapas menu, which takes an interesting twist to give you flavours from all around the world.

The menu features quite a few items which is agreeable with the Sri Lankan palate. If you want to experience tapas without straying from your usual spicy hit you could try some items like, Baked crab pot curry which is curried steely crab thermidor served with roasted toast bread, Devilled Chicken Gizzard  which is black pepper, mustard and curry chicken gizzard with cheese croutons and probably the most curious item of them all the ‘Tuna coconut sambal tortilla’ (you’ll just have to see for yourself!). Their tapas menu draws inspiration from all over the world, so you can expect a fusion tapas menu that will give you a different flavour with each dish. Some of the other best-selling items on the tapas menu are Spice fried calamari with creamy mango chutney dip, Batter fried prawns with grilled pineapple, Chicken lollipops with coriander and ginger remoulade, just to name a few. They have recently introduced new items to their tapas menu, so even the veterans of the Casa Colombo have something to look forward to in their next visit.