Thai with a Twist at Kinnaree

October 2013| 293 views

The spacious interior of Kinnaree restaurant

The spacious interior of Kinnaree restaurant


Thai legend tells a story of the mystical human, Kinnaree princesses, with their unearthly swan wings, playing together in a lotus pond. Tales like this are one of the generous wonderments deeply rooted in the Thai Buddhist culture and are often instilled in symbolizing authenticity and diversity in its world renowned cuisine. In Sri Lanka, the spirituality of Thai tradition, with an exceptional twist has left its delectable mark at the Kinnaree Restaurant, in Colombo’s heart.

Words Sonali Kadurugamuwa Photographs Indika De Silva

Set in the centre of the city of Colombo, within the Dutch Hospital premises, which is also the restaurant’s front entrance, Kinnaree sits just a walk-along distance down Chatham Street, at its second foyer. Parking is easily accessible and ample at both entrance points, which gives this place an all round plus.

Adorned with the symbolic lotus flower held graciously by a princess, the walls speak volumes for a culturally Thai dining experience…

Kinnaree’s interior is abundantantly spacious—much room to wine and dine is invitingly expressed. Adorned with the symbolic lotus flower held graciously by a princess, the walls speak volumes for a culturally Thai dining experience, while the food adds a certain creative twist, even for the most discerning. According to Lionel Fernando, Managing Director, the space is not just limited to serving restaurant guests, but can capacitate large events of varied occasions.

Meats tossed in Thai herbs and spices topped on a mini thin crust pizza, meat patties between sticky rice buns, or hot coconut and peanut base Massaman curry served with roti or spaghetti or even fusilli – the choice is yours.  And how close to Thai cuisine, would a Norwegian salmon tortilla roll be, you ask? You would just have to find out for yourself wouldn’t you! “They’re all fused with authentic Thai ingredients”, says Lionel Fernando.

– Kinnaree is open daily from 11am to 11pm, so make the most of your dining experience

– Try Kinnaree’s Lunch and Dinner in a Box, with Red, Green, Pannag or Massaman Curry

– On weekdays enjoy the set Kinnaree Business Lunch; garlic bread, soup, Thai salad, Thai curry with jasmine rice and refreshing iced tea

– Ask about the restaurant’s birthday cake surprise for work colleagues, from Kinnaree’s very own bakery

– Have your moment of ‘happy hour’ from 5pm–7pm at the restaurant’s Lotus Bar, Monday to Friday

For your starters, some crispy mouthfuls of minced shrimp canapés… a papaya salad fresh with crunchy green fruit dressed with an openhanded sprinkle of cashews… the sour spicy hint that warmly tickles your taste buds from a steaming bowl brimming of Tom Yum soup, can stir your appetite. Then a hearty green or red curry flaunted in creamy green coconut gravy or a velvety red sauce spread over soft grains of fragrant white jasmine rice all the way from Thailand, are among the choices of entrée. This isn’t all of just the beginning at Kinnaree. You may indulge in the sweetest ending to your meal with Kinnaree’s list of mouthwatering desserts, a few being the saku and sweet corn delight or sticky mango pudding.

“The food here is not just delicious, but it is also extremely healthy, as all the ingredients are fresh, with absolutely no additives or artificial flavourings. The taste is solely based on the freshest produce. Our open kitchen freely shows how everything is prepared,” assures Fernando.

62/6, Dutch Hospital Square (First Floor), Chatham Street, Colombo 1

Tel: (+94 11) 232 0544

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