7’O’ Fresh at Ranjanas Seven Stories

November 2013| 614 views

The 7'O' Fresh supermarket

The 7’O’ Fresh supermarket


The latest addition to Ranjanas Seven Stories, the 7’O’ Fresh supermarket was ceremonially opened on the ground floor of Ranjanas Seven Stories.

The newly added department store has made Ranjanas, a one-stop-shop where a customer can purchase anything from textiles to household items and food. 7’O’ Fresh features Arabian and Indian products such as Al Marai, Kiri, varieties of cheese, Al Rabie and varieties of drinks; which will be sold exclusively at 7’O’ fresh.

“We want to bring convenience to our customers by making Ranjanas a one-stop-shop. Ranjanas is known for textiles, but we want to embark on other ventures as well. We are a service oriented company rather than profit oriented.

All of these initiatives are aimed at servicing the customer,” said Dr D Venkateshwaran, Director – Ranjanas.

He further added that Ranjanas will be looking into offer a series of discounted deals for their customers in the future while aiming to open up a pharmacy, a unisex salon and a fast food outlet.