A Taste of Home Away from Home at Curry Leaf

November 2013| 510 views

The Kapirinya band plays by the walkway at Curry Leaf

The Kapirinya band plays by the walkway at Curry Leaf


A restaurant renowned for serving up traditional Sri Lankan cuisine, the Curry Leaf boasts a wide array of seafood amongst other local favourites. If you’re thinking of hitting the Colombo town for a truly home grown feast, then rest assured to find what you’re looking for at this restaurant.

Words Sonali Kadurugamuwa Photographs Damith Wickramasinghe

The infamous kottu, rat-a-tat-tatting away in one corner, the roti isle in the other, hoppers plain or with a hearty egg, sunny-side up or however you like them, sitting at their soft centres, oil cakes or kavum crackling away as the sweets maker dips them deep into a wok of hot oil, spiced kadala or chick peas, waits steaming in a cart… is your warm welcome at the Curry Leaf at the Hilton, Colombo. Once you’ve made your way past those tantalising temptations, the buffet banquet, just a few steps farther is only getting you started, on what’s to come.

Enjoy your meal outside, alongside the duck pond, where the kids will be quick to make a few feathered friends or within an enclosed section of the restaurant. No matter how you plan out your evening, Curry Leaf is one to please, not just the palette but also with cultural pieces of art adorning the entirety of its space, for your viewing pleasure.

No matter how you plan out your evening, Curry Leaf is one to please…

While the kapirinya band plays, start with salads and bop your way to the open buffet of traditional delicacies, like the wing beans or dambala tossed and tempered with scraped coconut, young jak fruit curry or polos in a thick coconut sauce, aromatic dhal curry, crabs cooked in a spicy red gravy and the much loved prawns bathed in a sea of spices and coconut cream. Beyond, fresh fish, scallops, oysters, mussels, live crab and rock lobster, jumbo prawns await your pick, at the seafood bar. “The fresh seafood selection is made to order to the liking of our guests,” says Chef Karunaratne, in addition, implying that the restaurant’s signature dishes; Chilli crab, grilled seafood platter and hot butter cuttlefish, are some of the fast moving choices, as well. “Fresh off the boat, is what Curry Leaf is all about, from its veggies to its fruits from the sea, and the authentic style they’re made in, is what our guests both local and foreign come here to experience, daily,” adds Romesh Perera, Assistant Manager Food and Beverage and Banquets.

Don’t forget to leave a good deal of space in your gastronomic enthusiasm for dessert. Kiri pani or curd with treacle, an exotic fruit platter or how about a dose of those chubby flavoursome oil cakes by the little traditional trinket-souvenir box on your way out?

Don’t forget to leave a good deal of space in your gastronomic enthusiasm…

The scent of cinnamon, curry leaves, peppercorns, turmeric… simmering away in rich coconut gravy waft through the air, entangling the senses leaving you in a simple yet alluring serenade, that will have you coming by for more. Then, as before, sit down, unwind and breathe in the authenticity of Sri Lankan cuisine, while your meal is just minutes away from indulging your taste buds in one of the most mouthwatering experiences imaginable, again and again, every night from 7:00pm till midnight.


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