AICON—a lifestyle store with a difference

November 2013| 564 views

The newly opened lifestyle store AICON

The newly opened lifestyle store AICON


Arpico, Hyde Park Corner launched AICON, a lifestyle store with a difference. The store is spread out in a spacious area with spaces dedicated for Gift Ideas, Living Spaces, Fine Dining and Garden.

AICON offers a range of products from gift items to bed linens, bath towels, gardening products such as potted plants and garden lamps and dinnerware and kitchen appliances.

“Arpico is all about range, choice, space and convenience. AICON is a result of this need for a difference. The main reason for a luxury store is that we get around 5,000 customers daily who are always looking for something unique,” said Surangi Fernando, Marketing Manager – Richard Pieris Distributors.

The items on offer will be changed depending on the seasons and the store will focus on providing incomparable items to that of mass produced ones.

“In Sri Lanka, lifestyles of the shoppers are changing continuously,” said Michael Andree, CEO – Richard Pieris Distributors. “They are always looking for something unique. Therefore, we identified the need for a store that can present something unique to shoppers and developed the first floor at Hyde Park Corner into a store with a difference,” he added.