Decoupage at Domus Designs

November 2013| 308 views

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For the first time in Sri Lanka, decoupage is designed and created at Domus Designs.

A wide range of decoupage pieces from exquisite presentation vases, urns and bowls that are perfect wedding gifts; to more useful household items that are trays, boxes and wall plates are available. The gold leaf and decoupage have been combined and designed into that ‘conversion piece’ of furniture cabinets, stools, coffee tables and mirrors. These are must-have items for the new home or apartment.

An ancient art form, consisting of skillfully laying images made of glass to create a 3D look—that is decoupage. Simple as it sounds, it is a process both creative and practical requiring the vision of an artist yet the patience and skill of a seasoned craftsman.

Those knowledgeable enough or well travelled in Europe or America will understand and recognise the special value connoisseurs place in exquisitely crafted and designed pieces of decoupage.

See them all at Domus Designs.