Feast by the Lagoon

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View of the Lagoon, brightly lit interior

View of the Lagoon, brightly lit interior


Lagoon… upon hearing the very word, countless minds would, without a doubt, start shifting through the numerous mouthwatering cuisine that could be prepared using crabs, lobsters, fish and much more. And Lagoon, one of the most renowned restaurants within Cinnamon Grand, offers just that to food-lovers who wishes to indulge in seafood platters that can be prepared just the way one wants!

Words Krishani Peiris Photographs Indika De Silva

Stepping into Lagoon, one is at once wrapped in a cocoon of warmth. The ensuing hustle and bustle and the bright glow of lights render a lively ambience, setting the pace for a perfect dining experience—be it with family, friends or business partners. A mixture of pale colours, resembling sand, and somewhat darker shades utilised on walls and furniture further complement this setting. In the midst of the restaurant, where the open work station is situated, chefs were busy bustling here and there preparing numerous dishes, doing their utmost to cater to the wishes of the customers.

All dishes served comprise of scrumptiously prepared delicacies

Upon looking at the flurry of activity present in Lagoon, one is reminded of a fish market. This fact is heightened upon seeing the counter in front of the work station, covered in ice with a variety of crabs, lobsters and fish. Here customers were busy selecting their preferred seafood fare from the more than 40 varieties on display, to be either prepared by the skilled chefs or just simply to take home. Chefs weighed the chosen items while customers were further directed to choose from 30 different varieties of sauces available to prepare the desired dish in Thai, Sri Lankan, Chinese, Indian or Continental style. To accompany, Lagoon has wines and cocktails that provides a perfect combo with the exquisitely prepared dishes. As such at Lagoon, customers have the flexibility of either ordering their meals comfortably seated at a table or by walking right up to the counter where one can pick and choose and partake in the excitement.

“Lagoon was a dream and concept of Rohan Karr, General Manager of Cinnamon Grand,” reflected Travis Casather, Food and Beverage Manager at Cinnamon Grand who functioned as the Manager of Lagoon upon its inception in 2004. “When a customer steps into the restaurant, they have the ability to purchase fish from the display and have it cooked according to their liking. We wanted Lagoon to be a family style restaurant.”

The bright glow of lights render a lively ambience…

Lagoon can accommodate up to 135 guests, both indoors and outdoors. Arrayed with comfy chairs and tables, inside and outside, those who wish to enjoy their meal outside will be treated to the constant gushing of the man made-waterway surrounding the premise while a cooling breeze will keep the diners company leaving a crisp feeling in its wake. All dishes served at Lagoon comprise of scrumptiously prepared delicacies and amongst these Garupa Steamed Lime and Chillie, Cuttle Fish and Tamarind Sauce and Lobster Thermidor—Vietnamese or chillie garlic style takes prominence as signature dishes. Furthermore, those who patronize the restaurant on Sundays will be treated for an extra special dining experience with Lagoon’s Malu Malu lunch buffet. Along with delicious Sri Lankan style rice and seafood prepared in curry style, the Malu Malu set comes with a complementary dip in the pool amongst other offers. Not stopping there, the restaurant further caters vegetarian as well as dishes prepared with meat, showcasing that they are devoted to serving all customers who walk through their doors.

Rasika Liyanarachchi, Head Chef is at the helm of the 18-member team of skilled chefs at Lagoon while Sarath Dassanayake, Manager heads the dedicated 24-member team who relentlessly serve each and every customer with utmost courtesy and attention to detail. The consistency of the food prepared has earned Lagoon many loyal fans, both locally and internationally, who keep coming back to the restaurant to taste their favourite dishes. Furthermore, the restaurant has won the Presidential Award for Best Restaurant in 2007 while being listed amongst the top 500 restaurants, 2012/13 in the Miele Guide.

Even though some might venture into the restaurant alone, the feeling of loneliness would be the farthest thing that one might feel as they will be constantly entertained by the chatter, and the preparations—their eyes and ears following the lively buzz.

Glass panned walls allow visitors inside to gaze out while beckoning passerby to come inside to experience what Lagoon has to offer. “Lagoon is a customer oriented restaurant and the people here are very friendly and work as a family. Because of this I feel that Lagoon would never cease,” affirmed Casather.


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