Immigration Services Centre launched to assist foreign visitors

December 2013| 166 views

The Immigration Services Centre (ISC) commenced its operations recently in Colombo with the objective of facilitating a comprehensive and efficient immigration service to all visitors to Sri Lanka.

Srimantha Senaratne, General Manager – ISC, said that this venture will provide a convenient immigration process for visa applicants and for those who wish to extend their visa and will play a vital role in promoting Sri Lanka as a destination which is hassle free in gaining entry for visitors. He also specified that ISC is only a facilitator and the decision to issue or deny a visa is made solely by the Department of Immigration and Emigration, in accordance with Sri Lanka’s immigration and visa policies.

“Immigration information and services are generally complex in nature. However, sophisticated international travellers need and expect fast, accurate, immigration and visa information, immigration assistance and advice for a trouble free entry. With this in mind, our key focus is to assist visitors in ensuring they have a pleasant immigration experience. Our process will ensure that a traveller will save time and money through our convenient services we provide,” he said.

“ISC will also be a platform that will help the country to generate the much needed foreign investment through our Business-Investor Visa Desk and we believe our streamlined and hassle free process will help a traveler to gain a visa or an extension with ease,” he added.