‘Orchid in Malabe’ by Nivasie

December 2013| 1,742 views

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International Construction Consortium, an ICTAD Grade C1 classified general contractor famed for building architectural masterpieces as “Nivasi Homes” introduces its latest addition.

“Orchid in Malabe” with elegantly designed homes is located in the tranquil surroundings of Malabe. Spread over 22 acres in the Urban neighborhood of Malabe, Orchid Malabe offers luxury living in a serene sanctuary with all the facilities for recreation and a healthy lifestyle.With children playing, riding bikes, and families gathering to visit there still exists a rural character within Orchid Malabe’s boundaries.

NIVASIE in Malabe is akin to a city of options, from dynamic downtown urban living, to friendly neighborhoods and outlying rural properties.

Living here means enjoying the many restaurants and street cafes, shops, thriving music scenes and nearby parks. It is only a ten minute drive from home to schools, universities, hospitals, administrative offices, supermarkets, Colombo/Galle Expressway and the Outer Circular Road.