An Adventure Indeed

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The thrill of jet skiing

The thrill of jet skiing

Everyone needs a healthy dose of adventure in their lives—every now and then—to heighten their spirits, to let go of worries and to be free of the mediocre city life. 

Words Hansani Bandara Photographs Indika De Silva

The adrenaline rush that runs through your veins as you whiz through gushing winds, making swirls on the water is the ultimate adventurous experience of jet skiing. Suddenly, you feel that you are no different to a super hero! It is the perfect boost for the untamed adrenaline junkies seeking daring encounters.

Be it the adventure aficionados or travellers striving to explore and discover, or those who are looking for an exciting amusement, adventure sports is the perfect option to test their limits.

Whatever one’s choice might be, Mongoose Adventures—with their extensive range of adventure and water sports—has the best and rest assured, once experienced, one is sure to be driven by the compulsion of returning to feel that rush of exhilaration once again.

Situated in Hikkaduwa, Bentota and Tricomalee, three of Sri Lanka’s iconic sea stretches, uniting the breathtaking blue of the sea with the golden sandy beach, Mongoose Adventures is the only entity in the Island and South East Asia to offer SNUBA diving. SNUBA diving is a blend between scuba diving and snorkelling. Without any hesitations, even the absolute newbie—anyone over the age of ten years—to the sport of diving can have a shot at it after the quick practical training session and the briefing given by well experienced and qualified Dive Masters at the International Diving Centre affiliated to Mongoose Adventures.

Swim amidst seraphic blues and captivating sea creatures… to a place of freedom. The tranquil underwater aura will keep you spellbound by its charm and hypnotise you with serendipity giving a unique experience with each dive.

Scuba diving, which is for steadfast diving enthusiasts and experienced divers, is also an opportunity not to be missed. However, one should possess a license to engage in Scuba diving and thus, the International Diving Centre provides training courses under the International Padi Diving License.

Divers can explore the shipwrecks—Conch oil tanker and Earl of Shaftesbury and some of the breathtaking diving locations within close proximity to the International Diving Centre.

The array of adventurous water sports which include wind surfing, banana rides, body boarding, tube rides, speed boat trips and canoeing guarantee the thrill of a lifetime givng you the taste of realtime escapades.

Archery and air rifle shooting are two other experiences that are unrivaled to each other in terms of excitement and amusement. You might not get that perfect shot—right on target—at the very first try, especially if you are an amateur, but it brings much satisfaction to watch the swift movement of the arrow once it is released from the bow. However, once if you hit the target, the real adventure begins.

In view of the social responsibility of preserving the endearing beauty of the seabed, Mongoose Adventures organises cleaning and restoration activities. The ‘Dive Against Debris‘ and the Coral Restoration Project are ventures
embarked by Mongoose Adventures partnering with other dedicated enthusiasts to ensure the protection of aquatic fauna and sea creatures.

All adventure and water sports conducted by Mongoose Adventures are carried out adhering to international safety standards. And hence, the must-experience adventure and water sport activities of Mongoose Adventures are available at their centres based in Bentota, Trincomalee and Hikkaduwa.

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