‘Amber Spa’—the latest Balinese Spa opens in Colombo

January 2014| 487 views


Colombo Courtyard, the city’s luxury business boutique hotel launched their ‘Amber Spa’, which specialises in authentic Balinese treatment therapy.

Armed with trained therapists from Indonesia, the spa specialises in ‘Hot Stone’ therapy. Balinese techniques are known for their gentleness, which aims at keeping patients relaxed and calm throughout. Administered by expert therapists, the spa’s signature hot stone treatment helps improve a patient’s blood, oxygen and energy flow. It is recommended for the support of the immune system, increased Blood circulation, countering against flu symptoms, alleviating stress, rheumatic and arthritic conditions, muscle aches, fatigue, and even depression.

“As a boutique hotel located in a central part of Colombo, we want to offer our in house guests as well as our day-to-day patrons a better choice in terms of entertainment, indulgence and things to do in the city. Our mission is to continue to innovate, bring in new services that complement our image and benefit our guests; ‘Amber Spa’ is another step in that direction,” said Arun Thapar, Managing Director – Colombo Courtyard.

The Amber Spa also offers a number of other holistic body treatments such as Thai, Swedish, and herbal therapies as well as aesthetic beauty treatments such as facials, manicures and pedicures.