It’s Time for some ‘you’ time at the NAIL ANATOMY

January 2014| 509 views

Nail colour specimens to choose from presented on a colour chart, helps the client to visualise the colour by placing it on top of the nail

Nail colour specimens to choose from presented on a colour chart, helps the client to visualise the colour by placing it on top of the nail

The next generation in pampering is here. A whole new take on what it means to be ‘made over’ has finally made its mark, in Sri Lanka. Just walk-in and prepare to be spoiled. You’ll never look at yourself the same way again, at least not after this little place has you hooked on its Anatomy!

Words Sonali Kadurugamuwa Photographs Indika de Silva

It woos you to feel like it’s red carpet all the way… from the time you step in, you are received with care. The aesthetic decor is certainly eye catching, again not what you would typically see at a nail salon, however you definitely know you’re in for a whole new realm of imperial treatment. Have a refreshing drink to calm the senses and let gentle expert hands, alongside world renowned products, begin to renew you.

With the atmosphere switched to perfect, skilled nail technicians carefully examine the condition of your nails before arranging for manicures and pedicures. They’re trained to notice any abnormalities and to advise on how to better care for your nails. After a soothing massage and therapeutic grooming that you want no end of, take some time to choose from over 500 designer nail colour options available, boasting class nail care essentials, such as Seche Vite’s base coat and quick dry top coat. Maybe even indulge in an in-house movie that too of your choice, as the spa experience, with all its perks carries on benevolently, under standardised, safe and hygienic conditions. “You can be rest assured and have a peace of mind and not bring your own tools/colours with you. Just bring yourself!” says Meili Lin Mather, Director.

If, on the contrary, you want a quick fix for your nails, and match it with the colour of your bag, your dress, or for fun, let’s just say you want a picture of yourself on your nails… then The Nail Anatomy has just the solution for you, as eccentric as it may sound. “The Nail printing machine has nail art already embedded in the machine and its unique selling point is that even a corporate logo or your face can be printed onto your nails on this exclusive machine. It really cuts down on all the manual work. The idea is to match your clothes with your nails without spending hours with the nail technician,” says Meili.

The Nail Anatomy also offers value added packages. Be it a girl’s night out, a treat for your loved ones, business partners or even a worthwhile indulgence for your employees; make the most of it all in a place that gives you its all, and that little extra which you deserve—heart and soul.

Get a three in one deal, with an eye revitalisation, a nail colour change and an Anatomic Shooter all included in the ‘Happy Hour Spa’.

A multi concept, Korean line retail counter features fresh body and nail care products for those wanting to try something different and new, as that’s what this place is about.

Nail Anatomy takes care of its clients from the inside out. Complimentary Detox water is served while a range of detox foot soaks are available as complement pedicures.

Take a little or a lot, time for you, and let The Nail Anatomy take care of the rest.

One of the main concepts at The Nail Anatomy is to emphasise hygiene at all times. “We throw away all foot and nail files after their first use, and metal foot care kits are kept under a hospital grade dry heat steriliser, while the sinks are cleaned thoroughly with barbicide after each service,” adds Meili.
Upcoming features soon to be a part of The Nail Anatomy concept is a clothing line and a café. Opening hours at The Nail Anatomy are from 10am–9pm on Tuesday through Saturday and 10am–8pm on Sundays.

14 Reid Avenue, Colombo 7
(Located inside Lakpahana)
Tel: (+94 11) 268 8358