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The exquisite range of bridal and party wear for ladies

The exquisite range of bridal and party wear for ladies

For saree lovers it is a paradise with a plethora of designer sarees to choose from. For others, it is a step into the elegant world of Indian fashion… With the perfect combination of beauty, flair and affordability, a visit to Kamsins is indeed a shopper’s delight.

Words Hansani Bandara Photographs Damith Wickramasinghe


Entering Kamsins, one would first be greeted with an extensive spread of styles spanning across three floors and one may easily lose track of time as the captivating designs are hard to resist.

At the ground floor, the journey into Kamsins begins where a detailed display of ladies shalwars and a dazzling collection of jewellery instantly steals one’s attention. A wide range of necklaces, earrings, bangles, bracelets and an array of ladies casual wear in eye catching designs beckon individuals to indulge to their hearts content.

Up the sweeping staircase and on to the first floor, intricately worked bridal sarees and lehengas with vibrant shades of red, pink and green entrance the shoppers while casual and party wear for ladies along with accessories are deftly arranged for customers to leisurely sift through.

Kamsin’s specialty, sensuous wedding wear selections are inspired by the artistry of Indian designers and consist of silk finished fabrics with exquisitely handcrafted, finely worked and embellished motifs that speak of extravagance and style. Rest assured all these fabulous pieces will charm their way to present the wedding of your dreams.

While the timeless designs in store will have you bewitched and torn between unprecedented choices, the friendly yet experienced staff may pitch in a suggestion or two to help you make the best choice.

The second floor largely showcases menswear—mens’ kurta pajamas, sherwanis and turbans  including accessories and ties with an excellent combination of glitz and glamour, available in a range of colours and designs. Further, part of the second floor is yet again dedicated to the very extensive range of clothing for ladies and you will be able to observe vibrantly hued and beautifully adorned casual and party wear that will undoubtedly make ladies catch their breath in admiration.

Kamsins has been able to reach the pinnacle in the fashion industry within a short span of just four years since its inception. A ‘must-visit’ shopping destination in Colombo, Kamsins will dazzle any who step into their warmth with a myraid of choices.


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