A Colourful Bond

March 2014| 420 views



Art is an expression of the soul. It feeds senses and makes you look at the world through the eyes and feel of another. The enjoyment of art forms the establishment of a colourful bond between the artist and the connoisseur where passion is fused with inspiration.

Words Hansani Bandara

Colourful Bond, an art exhibition by Sri Lankan artist R Kouwshigan, will be the gateway into a world of varied designs fused with a fine combination of skill and technique to form art that are aesthetically pleasing. This annual event, is all set to be held on March 22nd and 23rd at the Lionel Wendt Memorial Art Centre. ‘Colourful Bond’ is the eighth edition of the joint art exhibition and will feature the work of Kouwshigan and his students. Providing a visually delightful spread for art lovers, the exhibition promises a display of art pieces that combine charm and will witness a collection of around 100 unique creations by skilled artist Kouwshigan along with his Sri Lankan and Indian students.

“Exploring creativity is the motive behind this venture of organising the exhibition,” says Kouwshigan. In his words, “it is also a tribute to the lovers of art, creativity and paintings.” Each painting featured will narrate the story of exploring one’s own creativity and breaking free from the mundane methods of expression to create something unique and exquisite.

Imagery that capture the beauty of natural scenery, wildlife, portraits, spiritualism, human emotions and abstract creations, are few of the portfolios under which the collection of arts will be displayed to peruse through.

The exhibition will portray metal embossment paintings that are one-of-a-kind and done on aluminium sheets with carbon printing. It is a form of art that is born as a result of tireless efforts and patience in moulding an artist’s soul onto a rough metal sheet. This is a prowess that Kouwshigan—with much dedication—has mastered over the years and as such these bewitchingly beautiful creations will also find a special place among the collection that will be presented at the exhibition.

Kouwshigan is a self-taught artist. His passion to draw unravelled at the tender age of seven. His career in the field of creative art began in the 1980s when he was introduced to S T Siva Nayagam who was the Editor in Chief of the Tamil papers of the Dawasa Group of Companies, where he started his journey as an Illustrator and a Cartoonist. “Working as a cartoonist, I developed an interest to explore the world of art and it motivated me to try out different styles of art and paintings,” says Kouwshigan.

Through years of hard work, dedication and undying passion, today, he has been able to evolve into an acclaimed artist, versed in the Tanjore painting style, metal embossing art, fabric, acrylic and glass painting as well as digital art.

Kouwshigan strongly believes that art is a powerful medium. “To be a successful artist, you have to make drawing your passion and work hard to create art that will inspire people.”

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