Embark moots physiotherapy for street pooches

March 2014| 274 views

Veterinary physiotherapist Beth Roberts treat a sick dog rescued by Embark

Veterinary physiotherapist Beth Roberts treat a sick dog rescued by Embark

Beth Roberts, Veterinary physiotherapist and lecturer–Harper Admas University, UK visited Sri Lanka to conduct extensive treatment for Embark’s hospitalised pooches.

Conferred a Master’s degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy and a Specialist Certificate in Small Animal Hydrotherapy, Beth’s 10 years of experience added the scope required to giving paralysed animals a chance to revert to some semblance of normality, a spokesperson for Embark said.

It was also rewarding that Beth understood the dog’s psychological state as well, which is crucial in comprehending the extent of rehabilitation and care each dog needs.“I look forward for my next visit. I cannot wait to visit some of my cases from this trip,” she said.

Her treatments were carried on with extensive and systematic examination processes including the examination of muscles, bones and ligaments, educating the team on the process. Treatments were customised for each dog, depending on the extent of the disability. It included: relaxation massages, hot and cold thermotherapies, rehabilitation and exercise therapy and specialised treatment dogs that have neurological complications or have undergone amputations.

Being keen to utilise Beth’s experience, Embark hosted a workshop for local veterinarians, foster and shelter owners as an initial step in emphasising the importance of veterinary physiotherapy.